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OpenText EnCase Forensic Solution Benefits

Thorough Evidence Collection

Thorough Evidence Collection

Acquire evidence from a wide variety of sources, and dig deep into those sources to ensure that any potentially relevant information to your case is highlighted.

Customizable workflows

Customizable workflows

Optimize investigator workflows with predefined or customized conditions to improve the efficiency of your investigation.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

Provide other investigators, attorneys, judges and senior executives with the detailed evidence results they need to come to conclusions and close cases faster.

Enhanced efficiency

Enhanced efficiency

Eliminate the disruption to business operations with a dynamic, flexible and scalable process for conducting investigations.

Improved productivity

Improved productivity

Remotely access devices and gain visibility to endpoints, including those off the network, to enable discreet investigations and ensure employee productivity.

Detection of unknown threats

Detection of unknown threats

Detect unknown risks or threats even before data exfiltration has begun and respond to any events for validation and triage.

Key Product Capabilities

EnCase Forensic offers powerful evidence processing, integrated workflows and flexible reporting to deliver comprehensive digital forensic investigations that empowers examiners to surface relevant evidence and close cases quickly.



EnCase Forensic helps investigators quickly search, identify and prioritize potential evidence across computers, laptops and mobile devices to determine whether further investigation is warranted, decreasing case backlogs and closing cases faster.


  • Rank evidence by importance
  • Avoid over-collecting evidence on-scene
  • Evaluate evidence in real-time
  • Quickly surface evidence that matters



EnCase Forensic acquires evidence from a variety of sources in the least obvious places, ensuring no evidence is hidden and investigators complete cases no matter where the potential evidence resides.


  • Collect from computers, mobile devices, cloud services and IoT devices
  • Locate forensic artifacts on popular social media platforms
  • Recover deleted or modified files
  • Access a wide variety of operating systems and applications
  • Maintain evidence integrity
  • Collect and share evidence via a single case file



EnCase Forensic is built with investigators in mind, providing a range of capabilities that enable fast triage and deep forensic analysis, locating evidence quickly and closing cases faster.

  • Improve investigator efficiency with customized workflows
  • Expand investigative power with EnScript automated tasks
  • Accelerate investigations with AI and image analysis
  • Automate workflows to more easily uncover evidence
  • Focus on relevant evidence with timeline analysis
  • Locate hidden evidence with optical character recognition



With comprehensive reporting options built in, EnCase Forensic offers a flexible framework to create and share reports with a wide range of audiences.


  • Enhance report quality with consistent evidence presentation
  • Customize templates to create compelling reports
  • Select the most relevant data for case reports
  • Share easy-to-read reports with relevant parties
  • Rely on court-accepted evidence reporting formats

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OpenText EnCase Forensic Pricing

Its cost is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed  price structure can be availed through Value Added Distributor eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated.

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