Forensic ToolKit (FTK)

Zero in on Relevant Evidence Faster.

What is Forensic Toolkit?

FTK® provides you with and entire quite of investigative tools necessary to conduct digital investigations smarter, faster and more effectively.  It allows you to quickly establish case facts through innovative and market leading features such as distributed processing, collaborative case analysis, evidence visualization reports and more; all in one single comprehensive solution. Forensic Toolkit provides innovative and integrated features to support data processing integrity, speed and analysis depth. FTK software is manufactured by Access Data.

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What Tools FTK contain?

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Email Analysis

FTK gives an instinctive interface to email investigation for Forensic experts. This incorporates being able to parse emails for specific words, header investigation for source IP address, and so forth.

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Grasping the move towards investigation, FTK has incorporated a ground-breaking mechanized malware location include called Cerberus. It utilizes machine insight to sniff malware on a PC, in this way proposing activities to manage it if found.

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Another component that obtains intensely from AI and PC vision, FTK’s Optical Character Recognition motor takes into consideration quick transformation of pictures to clear content. Multi-dialect bolster is additionally included.

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Web Viewer

One of the later augmentations to the suite, the FTK Web Viewer is a device that quickens case evaluations by giving access of case files to lawyers progressively, while evidence is as yet being handled by FTK. It additionally takes into consideration multi-case looking, which implies that you don’t need to physically cross-reference evidence from various cases.

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File Decryption

A focal component of FTK, file decoding is seemingly the most widely recognized utilization of the product. Regardless of whether you need to split passwords or unscramble whole files, FTK has a response for it. You can recover passwords for more than 100 applications with FTK.

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Data Visualization

Evidence perception is a best in class worldview in PC forensics. As opposed to examining printed data, scientific specialists would now be able to utilize different data perception systems to create a more instinctive photo of a case. FTK engages such clients, with course of events development, group charts, and geo location.

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FTK unbelievable Capabilities 

  • Outsider Integration with Belkasoft gives you access to almost 200 mobile parsers.
  • Interesting disseminated preparing, which cuts handling time and lessens case excess.
  • Custom preparing choices help set up big business wide handling models, making consistency for your examinations and decreasing the likelihood of missed information.
  • FTK forms and lists in advance so you don’t sit around idly sitting tight for inquiries to execute, helping you to focus in on significant proof quicker, and drastically expanding examination speed.
  • Arrange and change the weighting criteria for sort after a hunt to uncover the most pertinent outcomes.
  • Use one shared case database, enabling teams to utilize similar information, lessening expense and many-sided quality of making numerous case datasets.
  • While different items come up short on memory and crash amid preparing, FTK is database driven, giving the security important to deal with huge data.
  • The simple to-utilize GUI gives a quicker learning knowledge.
  • Perception innovation that shows your information in timelines, cluster graphs, pie charts, geolocation and others, assists you get a clearer picture of events.
  • Adjustable handling profile catches help make an arrangement of principles for preparing specific kinds of examinations.

FTK Features :

  • Easy-to-use GUI with automated preprocessing of forensic data.
  • Fully interoperable Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® (MPE+®), Summation® and the entire suite of AccessData solutions.
  • Interoperability with mobile device, e-discovery and cyber security solutions.
  • The broadest OS support and analysis on the market.
  • Advanced filtering and automated data categorization.
  • Do it all. Preview, acquisition, mounting and analysis of live data.
  • Flexibility. Available as a perpetual or subscription license.
  • Native support for Volume Shadow Copy.
  • Comprehensive volatile memory analysis.
  • Add-on Cerberus for automated malware analysis and triage.
  • Password cracking through PRTK/DNA.
  • Visualization capabilities allow graphic analysis of file and email data.
  • Geolocation allows various types of data to be shown geographically on a map—even offline!.
  • Powerful index search engine with regular expression.
  • World-class training.

Forensic Toolkit Benefits :

  • Integrated Computer Forensic Solution.
  • Unmatched Processing.
  • Handle massive data sets without crashing or loosing work.
  • Feature rich out of the box.
  • Fast, Comprehensive index and Binary searching.
  • File and Disk Encryption Support.
  • Advanced gallery view for images and video with eid.
  • Microsoft® PhotoDNA®.
  • Superior Email Analysics.
  • Single-Node enterprise (Remote Investigration).
  • Volatile and Memory Analysics.
  • Internet Artifact Analysics.
  • Broad Support and OS Analysics.

Forensic Toolkit Price

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