Forensic Analysis Workstation

Dual E5-2650v4, 128GB DDR4 2133Mhz, High Speed Solid State Disks

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Forensic Analysis Workstation

Science has many applications in different fields. The application of the knowledge of science in the field of solving crimes, mysteries and evidence is known as forensic analysis. Forensics is the collection, preservation and the study of important evidence that is meant to help to pave the way for solving crimes and getting closer to the truth.In the age of technology and the internet. The processing of data has been simplified with the help of computers. The forensic analysis workstation is the best when it comes to analyzing evidence for a case. This workstation has been designed to sort out evidence more effectively. It is designed to be customized in any number of ways. All forensic analysis softwares are compatible with it making it the best in performance in the industry.


forensic analysis workstation

Technical Specifications of a Forensic Analysis Workstation

The forensic analysis workstation with its 1300 Watt modular battery and 22 inches LED screen that includes speakers has a set of technical specifications to match its functionality. Some of the other technical specifications of a forensic analysis workstation are:

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Internal Configurations Include:

  • Raid 5: Six Enterprise Level 4TB SATAIII 7200RPM Hard Drives.
  • Raid 0: Two 521 GB SSD (SQL), One 521 GB SSD (TEMP), one 520 GB SSD (Case) and One 521 GB SSD (Operating System).
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Tech specifications :

  • It has an Intel C612 chipset.
  • A system memory of 128GB for storing and processing data extremely fast. 
  • 2 GB dual DVI video controller.
  • Operated by Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit.
  • DVD drive, ports for microphone and audio are all present in the workstation.
  • There are also four different ports that are meant to support different USB services.
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External Configurations Include:

  • Bay 1: Tableau T2iu SATA Forensic Bridge.
  • Bay 2: Triple Burner (BluRay, DVD, and CD).
  • Bay 3: Trayless SATA Bay (Hot-Swappable)
  • Bay 4: 4-Bay 2.5” RAID Cage.
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Ports Include:

  • Front Panel: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, Audio x 1, Mic x 1, e-SATA x 1, 1394 x 1.
  • Rear: Twp USB 2.0 ports, Four USB 2.0 7.1 HD Audio with optical 5/PDIF, Two 1 Gbit Rj45.

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Forensic Analysis Workstation Benefits:

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Data Storage

Forensic computers store a large amount of data which can be easily retrieved and kept safe on the memory of the computer.

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Detection and Revival of Data

These forensic computers can also be used in order to find out company frauds, any assets that may be missing and even search for any breach of contracts. The computers are equipped with the ability to search through intricate technological systems in several languages in order to find the root cause of technical problems.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Easy Analysis of Evidence with Perfect Results

Easy analysis of forensics is also possible through the introduction of several different softwares and tools that all work on forensic computers. Forensic computers are much more reliable than any other method of analyzing key evidence by hand. Several other types of equipment can be added to the workstation in order to enhance the working capability and make it work in a better way. Special machines for identifying fingerprints etc are an example of additional connections.

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The Price of A Forensic Analysis Workstation

With all the different features of a forensic analysis workstation and the compatibility of this computer with other softwares that are related to the forensic industry, this device is a must-have for those who are working in this field. Contact eSec Forte for Price and more information.

Be it for analyzing data, protecting data, decoding data or any other work that is related to forensic cases, this workstation gets the job done easily. The internal memory and four SSD cards make this device ideal for storage of data. Make your forensic data analysis easier with this device today.

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