Endpoint Protector

Endpoint protector: Award wining software tool ode to data loss Prevention.

Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention Tool

Data theft and unintentional data leaks are unexpected obstacles that any organisation can face. A comprehensive security solution that provides control of all storage devices including the portable ones is a boon to an end user. Endpoint Protector is much more than a security solution.

Introduction: What is an endpoint protector?

An endpoint protector is a software approach whereby end users of a network are given limited access or conditional access to the business through various sets of conditions and provisioning.

Endpoint protector, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool can be used across platforms, and it ensures complete control of multiple hardware ports.  This tool can work on various software like Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. from data theft and threat through various end-user devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, POS (point-of-sale) terminals, etc. during transfer of data, online processing, etc.

This tool has an added advantage of scanning data in motion and at rest. By administering total encryption, it offers thorough mobility management.

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How does the Endpoint Protector Works?

Application Security

Offering protection that is content aware

Seamless protection that is content aware by means of exhaustive content and context scanning and tracing blacklists and whitelists along with reports.

Application Security

Complete device control

End to end control of devices irrespective of the type or specifications and even those outside of the network through file tracing and shadowing.

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Administering encryption

By enforcing encryption that can be done automatically or manually which is completely secure and easy to use.

Arxan Application Protection

Competent discovery of data

By discovering data irrespective of the content or file type by means of manual or automatic scanning and by ensuring encryption or deletion of the detected data

Features of Endpoint Protector

Application Security

Detailed control of data

Provides detailed control of data using content awareness and context inspection enabling the user to monitor and block file transfers.

Application Security

Integrated device control

Thorough control of all devices in terms of monitoring and management based on Product ID or the Vendor number or Serial Number.

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Automated encryption of USB devices

USB storage devices can be efficiently managed and secured by encrypting data that is in transit.

Arxan Application Protection

Easy discovery of data

The ability to encrypt or erase sensitive data that is at rest by using either manual or automatic scanning.

Available as Hardware Appliance, Virtual or through Cloud Services

endpoint protector platforms

Endpoint Protector Dashboard

Endpoint protector data loss prevention

My Endpoint Protector

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Benefits of Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention Tool

Complete control of all storage devices

Smooth and continuous control of all the storage devices attached to your system including those that are portable. For removable devices, a user can set control from the Endpoint Management section.

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Comprehensive data monitoring

A user can monitor the complete data transfer and even block leakage of data from emails or online applications or browsers.

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Multiple platform inspection

A user can narrow down his search to sensitive data that is at rest across different platforms like Windows or Linux or MacOS and can either encrypt the data or delete it.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Protection to mobile devices

Separate security policies can be established for corporate mobile devices and employee’s mobile devices.

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Endpoint Protector Pricing

Endpoint Protector price is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed structure can be availed through trusted partner eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated. The endpoint protector pricing is done in a way as to ensure professional finesse. Contact us for information on pricing.

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