Finding the Right Tool to Monitor Employee Activities

What is Employee Monitoring?

Employee Monitoring allows employers to survey employee activities and measure engagement through different surveillance methods. Organizations monitor employees to track attendance, performance, and productivity; protect trade secrets; ensure information security, and avoid legal liability. The retail industry has long been used to the idea of employee monitoring with surveillance cameras installed within the premises. While software to monitor employees is relatively new in organizations, the practice has been around from around 1888, when IBM started with the Time Clock to track employee’s time at work.

Employee Monitoring

Why should you Monitor Employees?


Organizations often suffer a loss due to employees passing sensitive information for their gain.


Employees becoming distracted by technology in the workplace by Personal usage.


With IOT where data can be accessed from anywhere anytime gives employees easy access.


Check for violation of employee policies that takes place through illegal activities.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

While the benefits of deploying an employee monitoring software are many, let us look at some of the most common benefits:

Employee Monitoring

Transparency on Employee Performance

Employee monitoring does not only prevent unethical usage of time, internet, or information by an employee but also provides valuable insights into the performance. It helps the management identify the top performers and the lowest performers, thereby making the appraisal system transparent.

Employee Monitoring


If the senior leadership/managers have visibility on what employees are working on, they can help them prioritize work and prevent errors at the initial level, before it goes out of control. A monitoring tool can also measure the amount of actual time taken to complete a task, and plan future tasks accordingly.

employee monitoring

Less Time Wastage

Employees spend almost 30% of their work time on an average doing personal work, which includes surfing the internet, sending emails, etc. Monitoring software can help organizations keep a check on unproductive time.

Employee Monitoring


Tracking emails and locations also help in making the workplace more secure for an employee. For example, emails, phone calls, and video surveillance can help resolve sexual harassment claims, GPS tracking can ensure the safety of the employees while they are out on the field.

employee monitoring

Less Administrative Work

Employee monitoring tools can automate a significant portion of the administrative work, like payments, schedule, attendance, and taxes – reducing manual labor and hours spent in Excel considerably.


Data Resolve inDefend: inDefend: Unified User Behavior Analytics inDefend: Insider Threat Management Solution

inDefend is a one-stop solution to help protect your data from all kinds of insider threats within your organization. It allows you to monitor your employees’ behavioral patterns and pinpoint potential avenues for data exfiltration. This solution is built to achieve complete transparency over all the digital assets residing within your organization. With our unified solution, you can quickly tackle various kinds of security issues about data exfiltration. It offers a proactive approach to the organization as follows:

Insider Threat Management

Get a complete user behavior analysis to protect your sensitive data from being compromised by employees by monitoring their activities and communication habits.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time incident alerts for any data exfiltration activity that takes place within the organization.

Employee Monitoring

Monitor and improve your employees’ productivity by keeping track of their work activities during work hours.

Accurate Analytics

Get detailed cyber intelligence reports which highlight the critical sensitive data leakage scenarios with granular visibility into team dynamics and organizational ecosystem.

Superior Control

Lockdown or block specific channels or devices in case any sensitive data exfiltration is detected.

Enforced Encryption

Secure multiple endpoints with implemented encryption to restrict the use of sensitive information or files.

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