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AppSpider : The Modern Way to Protect Your Apps.

AppSpider Web App Security Scanning Tool

In today’s fast technological world, cyber attacks have become quite common. Always worried about that odd virus playing havoc with your phone or computer? Or your very personal information leaked before installing a new application?

With the usage of Web applications at an all time high and hacker attacks constantly on the rise, leave nothing to chance and rest easy with AppSpider, the most advanced web application vulnerability scanner from Rapid7, the new generation mobile security.

With Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), this Web App Scanning Solution drags through the most remote nooks and corners of even the most complicated applications to provide the insight required to eliminate risk and always keep your applications safe and secure.

What Is AppSpider?

AppSpider is a security tool developed by Rapid7. It is a security testing tool for web applications, which checks and thoroughly tests all the Apps for risks and alerts the user for faster remediation.

In today’s world, the application technology is constantly evolving. And at a rapid rate which does not take years but only months. In such a scenario, a tool like AppSpider will become indispensable in coming times.

Features of AppSpider

AppSpider is a Web App scanning tool that tests your applications across various interfaces. Its main features are:

Universal Translator:- True to its name, this translator can decode everything, everywhere! Even the most complex technologies, protocols and formats used in browser-based applications cannot escape this superstar of a scanning tool for web applications. The translator can steady traffic and scans applications to unveil vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Validator:- With just a click, this security scanning tool’s vulnerability validation is the most effective restorative reporting out there! The HTML reports make it more user-friendly by efficiently enabling developers to validate vulnerabilities and clone attacks in real time.

SDLC Integrations:- This Web App Scanning Solution aids in quick spotting and restoration of security vulnerabilities with the help of WAF, QA automation and bug tracking. This helps developers fix security loopholes and provides transparency in the process flow. It also helps save time and improves efficiency.

Updated with Attack Types:- This Web App Scanning Tool keeps track of the latest app attacks so that you can relax. It scans for 83 types of attacks, some of which are listed below and the developers can even create custom checklists to fix specific issues.

  • Apache Struts 2 Framework Checks
  • Invalidated Redirect
  • SQL Injection
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Session Fixation
  • LDAP Injection
  • Buffer overflow
  • Blind SQL
  • Brute Force (HTTP Auth)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • ASP.NET Misconfiguration

Control and Automate:- With this web application vulnerability scanner at your beck and call, you get to choose the attack policies to be used, which sections of the apps to scan and when do you want them scanned. You can even inhibit the scanner to dictate the balance between the server load and speed. This way, you automate much of your API testing to save pen testers for tougher problems which can’t be automated.

Separate the Findings by Attack Types:- That’s not all! Dread sitting through an endless list of vulnerabilities in a report? This super efficient security testing tool for web applications saves your valuable time by segregating the findings for you depending on the type of attack like SQL, XSS, etc.

How does AppSpider benefit You

In a nutshell, AppSpider lets you

  • Close the gaps and deal with the vulnerabilities with the universal translator
  • Continuously monitor the applications
  • Simulate malicious threats and real world attacks
  • Validate for deep assessment
  • Deeply analyse with interactive HTML reports
  • Replay web attacks
  • Classify applications to report easily
  • Manage App security programs
  • Fulfil compliance requirements (SOX, HIPPA, OWASP, FISMA, PCI, GLBA, and more)
  • Preset targeted virtual patching
  • Integrate into the DevOps workflow

Integrations of AppSpider

You can integrate AppSpider scan results with Web Application Firewall (WAF) using our complimentary solution called AppSpider Defend. This provides further protection against malicious attacks, and your apps stay safe.

You can also integrate AppSpider with your Continuous Integration (CI) solutions like Selenium. The Web App security tool fits well into the CI environment.

Variants – Application Scanning Tool

This application scanning tool has something for every need. There are four variants to choose from:

  • AppSpiderOnDemand
  • AppSpider Enterprise
  • AppSpider Pro
  • Managed AppSec
Where to Buy AppSpider

We are the authorised distributor of AppSpider. Contact our expert sales team at eSecForte for a live demo and comprehensive product training. You may activate the product either with the license key provided or ask the sales representatives to register on your behalf.

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