Police Expo

International Police Expo is the only exhibition which is focused and an interactive platform where the police representatives of different nations and policing security equipment and technology suppliers can meet their business opportunities related to internal security, Training, Protection and Rescue. Here participants can gather and exchange not just knowledge and world views, but also new technologies, solutions and future business partnerships.

The International Police Expo focused on everything about the police forces, their welfare and fitness as well as showcase on latest and modern equipments, technologies and inputs required for safety and protection of society, law enforcement, providing rescue to disaster affected and all other necessities of Police and other armed forces for their day to day life and other operations as well.

Expo Features are:

  1. Police Welfare
  2. Healthcare & Fitness to force
  3. Training for better Law Compliance
  4. Methods for creating awareness among society.
  5. Safety & Protection to society
  6. Rescue Management techniques and equipments
  7. Surveillance for preventive measures
  8. Technology & Equipments for attaining basic aims of Policing
  9. Indian Ordnance Factories and Dealers

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