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E-learning Application Development

Tramadol Online Florida Delivery - Tramadol Online Legal

Education has always been an essential part of everyone’s life and with advanced e-learning application development being done on smartphones and tablets nowadays, education has transformed itself from learning to e-learning.

E-learning application development (both web and mobile based) provides an integrated and interactive digital solution for users primarily School Admin, Faculty, Students and Parents. Detail oriented and Cloud based Learning Management Systems are being developed and implemented with access available on smartphones and tablets for users. The users interactive and mobile based learning and analysis has thus become key to success for many schools/ universities and corporates in this area.

Chat Facility and Push Notifications are important features for e-learning application development and have helped students and faculty to remain connected and get or share required alerts in real time.

While interactive learning is a great boon for students but access to internet 24×7 is a security and social concern for parents and teachers. To provide interactive and digital education and also maintain secured access for children, eSec Forte utilizes its experience and expertise in information security and mobile and web application development space.

eSec Forte has been working with various schools, universities and corporates to take e-learning to next level wherein security of content and social security of children is also taken into consideration, rather than just imparting learning in digitized manner.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Online as well as offline access to content form mobile devices
  • LMS Development (Moodle Based, SCORM Compliant)
  • Support for various content formats like Flash, Audio, Video and HTML5
  • Enterprise level school/ corporate management system
  • Content review and monitoring through analytical dashboard
  • Interactive mobile app development and web portal development
  • Secure access for children and reports generated for parents

If you are looking for custom e-Learning application development, please feel free to fill our form and our sales team will connect back shortly.

Industries We Serve
eCommerce web app Development
E-Commerce Application Development
Mobile Wallet Application Development
E-learning Application Development